5 Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook for Your Business

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Setting up a Facebook Business Page is probably one of the first things most businesses do when putting together a social media plan. Everyone knows that Facebook is pretty much an essential social media tool, but do you know why? Or how to make the most of your account?

Here are a few of our favourite reasons to use Facebook as a business.

1. You can reach just about anyone

Of all the social media platforms, Facebook has by far the biggest user base. It currently has just over 2 billion active monthly users, from all corners of the world and all demographic groups. No matter who your target audience is, you're bound to find them on Facebook.

Of course, it's not as simple as setting up a Facebook page and waiting for your customers to come to you. It's vital to do plenty of audience research to find out who you want to target, and then use a combination of clever content and carefully aimed adverts to reach the right people. They're definitely out there, you just need to find them!

2. You can create a community

There's no point being on social media if you aren't willing to interact with your followers. Creating a community on social media is a great way to build brand loyalty, and with Facebook there are several ways you can encourage this community to flourish. 

The first step is to make sure you're engaging with any comments and messages you receive on Facebook. A quick reply - whether it's the answer to a question or even just a simple "thank you!" - goes a long way towards making sure your followers feel valued. Don't forget to interact with the wider community too - like, comment on and share posts from other Facebook pages too.

Another great way to create a loyal community on Facebook is by setting up a Facebook Group. Groups can be public or private, allowing you to create a space for your customers (or people interested in your brand) to have discussions in a space that feels welcoming.

3. You can provide instant customer service

One of the great things about social media is that it's instant. When customers need a quick answer for something, social media is often the first place they look. Facebook Messenger is a great tool for connecting with your followers and providing them with an instant response.

It's not always possible to be online 24/7 so make use of the feature that allows you to set up "active hours" on Facebook Messenger. For example, if you no that no one will be available to answer questions after 6pm, pop on an away message so people know you'll get back to them the next morning. You can also set up automated messages if you know you're going to be unable to reply to message instantly - this makes sure people know you've received the message, and how long they can expect to wait for a response.

4. You can share lots of different content

On other social media platforms, you can often be quite restricted with the type of content you can share. For example, on Twitter your posts have to be under 280 characters and on Instagram each post has to have an image. But on Facebook, you can share pretty much whatever you want!

This allows you to get creative and try out different types of content, in order to find out what works best for your audience. Video usually performs best on Facebook, so it's well worth trying out. You can also share photos, gifs, links to articles, text updates, polls and more.

5. You can measure your results

With traditional marketing, it can often be quite hard to measure how well your campaigns are performing. But with Facebook, you can see your exact results in an instant. This allows you to see how your posts have been performing, what your audience looks like, and how you can improve your content going forward to reach even more people.

Click on the Insights tab on your Facebook page and you'll find lots of useful statistics. You can see everything from how many people engaged with your latest Facebook post, to how many people you've reached overall during the past month. Don't forget to look at things like when your followers are online so you can post at the optimum times.