How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business

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We've already blogged about using Instagram and Facebook for your business (read the posts here and here!), so this week it's the turn of Twitter. It's a great platform for short, snappy updates, providing instant customer service, and staying on top of breaking news.

Not sure how to make the most of it and use Twitter as a tool to market and promote your business? Here are some of our top tips on how to use Twitter as a business.

Update in real time

One of the great things about Twitter is how instant it is. Your Twitter feed is basically a real time newsfeed full of things that are happening right now. This means it's great for posting live updates and reacting to things happening around the world. Make the most of this and get involved in trending topics, Twitter chats and breaking news. This can really help to get your business noticed on social media, and ensures that your content stays relevant and interesting.

Instant customer service

Because Twitter is so fast-paced, it's also great for providing quick and helpful customer service. Many people turn to social media for customer service queries rather than picking up the phone or writing an email, so make sure you can provide them with the best possible service. Open up your DMs so customers can privately message you, and keep an eye out for any questions that come in via your mentions. The better your customer service is, the more likely customers will become loyal followers who will purchase from you again and again.

Cover live events

If you're holding an event for your business (for example a new product launch or store opening party), Twitter is a fantastic way to promote it. Ahead of the event, you can build excitement by using a dedicated hashtag and interacting with other Twitter users who'll be at the event. Then on the night, you can post lots of live updates showing behind the scenes snippets of the event. Instagram or Facebook users might get annoyed if you post 20 updates in a row, but this isn't the case on Twitter because the feed moves so quickly. Go ahead and post lots of pictures!


Twitter is fantastic for networking, especially with other businesses, key people in your industry and important influencers. Striking up a conversation on Twitter is really easy - just reply to a tweet, retweet something interesting or share an article and tag the author. This is a really good way to meet new people who might be really useful for helping to promote your business. Team up with another business on a cool project, or send some gifts to an influencer so they can feature your business on their social media channels or blog.

Be helpful

With so many businesses on social media these days, customers can easily get bored if you're just constantly posting salesy updates. Instead, you want to be interesting and helpful, and give people a reason to follow you on Twitter. Don't just tweet about your own business - make sure you're sharing news or articles about your industry which your followers will find useful, and share posts from other users which are engaging and complementary to your business. Coupled with great customer service and real time updates, your followers are bound to find your Twitter account entertaining and useful!