Throwing a Housewarming Party for Airsorted

Airsorted Event June 14 - The King's Court apartment, Riddle's Court.jpg

A couple of weeks ago (on probably the windiest day of the year so far, thanks Storm Hector...) we headed to Riddle's Court to host a very special housewarming party for our clients, Airsorted. We wanted to introduce some of our fave Edinburgh bloggers and journalists to Airsorted, so set about organising a party to remember.

Airsorted is a short-term letting management service, making it completely hassle-free to earn money from your home through sites like Airbnb, Expedia and So what better setting for the party than one of the properties Airsorted manage? The beautiful and historic King's Chamber at Riddle's Court was the perfect housewarming party venue.

Airsorted Event June 14 - Oro Gin.jpg

We got another one of our clients, Oro Gin, on board to provide the drinks for the evening. After all, it wouldn't be a house party without some G&Ts, would it? We welcomed our guests with an Oro G&T, then we heard from Edinburgh City Manager, Imogene Keane, who explained what Airsorted is all about. Airsorted can help you manage all aspects of letting out your property - from listing it on key sites and vetting guests, all the way to providing hotel-quality linens and cleaning the property between stays.

Airsorted is a great way to earn some extra money from your property, to help it pay for itself. We also had a great talk from financial advisor Julie Mitchell of Independent Women. She gave us lots of insider tips about how to get on the property ladder, and the benefits of renting your home out to help pay your mortgage off quicker. Using a service like Airsorted, you could earn up to £10,000 during the month of August alone by renting your home out during the Fringe - time for a holiday, we think!

Airsorted Event June 14 - Saffron Hodgson hosting interiors talk.jpg

We then moved on to an interiors masterclass with Saffron Hodgson, an interior designer at Edinburgh-based Ampersand Interiors. She had plenty of great advice about how to make your home look beautiful for guests (pro tip - add lots of house plants and splashes of colour from cushions and rugs!), as well as what to do with your personal belongings while a stranger is staying in your home. Luckily, Airsorted vet all guests to make sure they'll take care of your home - but it's always a good idea to store any valaubles in a locked cupboard, or do a simple swap with a cheaper version of any expensive items.

Finally, we rounded off the night with a cocktail masterclass with Oro Gin. Expert mixologist showed us how to make two summery cocktails, then we all had a go at making them ourselves. The Golden Garden was a refreshing mix of Oro Gin, elderflower presse, cucumber, lemon and mint, and The Dream put a fruity twist on the classic Bramble, with strawberries, raspberries and blackberries muddled in the glass.

Airsorted Event June 14 - The cocktail and cake table.jpg

We just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who came along to our housewarming party! We had a fantastic night introducing bloggers and journalists to the world of Airsorted and showing them how they can make the most out of their Edinburgh properties.